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Item # 10055, Standard Self-Dumping Hoppers

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At McCullough Industries, we carry a wide range of material handling systems, supplying our customers with durable products that can endure years of heavy use. The Wright GEN II lines of standard, self-dumping hoppers are engineered with versatility in mind, with over 30 models to choose from.
The GEN II series features capacities that range from ¼ yard all the way up to 6 yards. With such a large selection, dimensions and specifications vary greatly. However, all GEN II hoppers are manufactured with heavy steel construction, 3” fork opening, low center of gravity, and a compact footprint. To learn more about Wright hoppers, contact us directly.

Note: All dimensions are approximate some dimensions may vary slightly per hopper.



1 yd³

Over All Width A

39 3/4 in

Over All Height B

39 3/4 in

Over All Length C

63 1/2 in

Fork Opening D

3 by 28 1/2 in

Container Length F

63 1/2 in

Dump Clearance Height G

60 3/4 in

Dump Clearance Bottom H

7 in

Dump Clearance Length I

78 3/4 in

Front Clearance J

9 1/2 in

Base Width K

36 1/2 in

Base Length L

54 in

Dump Angle M

31 º

Center Of Gravity N

25 1/2 in

Weight Capacity

4000 lb

Approx. Weight

461 lb

Pouring Lip E

3 in


Safe Operations Video

1 yd Hopper Basic Dimensions
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