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Standard Self-Dumping Hoppers

At McCullough Industries, we carry a wide range of material handling systems, supplying our customers with durable products that can endure years of heavy use. The Wright GEN II lines of standard, self-dumping hoppers are engineered with versatility in mind, with over 30 models to choose from.
The GEN II series features capacities that range from ¼ yard all the way up to 6 yards. With such a large selection, dimensions and specifications vary greatly. However, all GEN II hoppers are manufactured with heavy steel construction, 3” fork opening, low center of gravity, and a compact footprint. To learn more about Wright hoppers, contact us directly.

Note: All dimensions are approximate some dimensions may vary ...
Open Sided Self-Dumping Hoppers

Open Sided Self-Dumping Hoppers

Series "99" 3/16" Steel (7 Gauge) Hopper with 1/4" Steel Base

At McCullough Industries, we specialize in industrial material handling equipment. That’s why we carry a full line of Wright hoppers. Supporting this line are Wright’s open sided self-dumping hoppers. These robust products are fabricated from heavy gauge steel, and engineered to be tough and durable. Available in three sizes, all with a 6000 lb. capacity and a compact foot print that features dimensions of 36” in width, and overall lengths of 48”, 60”, and 72”. All models feature a 41° dump angle, and 3” forklift opening, making them east to maneuver. For more information contact McCullough Industries directly.

Note: All dimensions are approximate ...
Low Profile Dumping Hoppers

Low Profile Dumping Hoppers

Series "55" 1/8" Steel (12 Gauge) Hopper with 3/16" (7 Gauge) Steel Base
Series "77" 3/16" Steel (7 Gauge) Hopper with 3/16" (7 Gauge) Steel Base

As a leading supplier of a number of hoppers and dumping systems, McCullough Industries offers a line of heavy duty low profile dumping hoppers. These hoppers feature a low overall height of 17” or 24” depending on capacity. We carry models that can accommodate from ¼ cubic yard up to 1 cubic yard, with a capacity of 4000 to 5000 lbs. With overall dimensions of 31” x 43” to 63.5” x 55.75”, they feature 2” x 22” or 28” fork openings, and an overall weight from 245 to 515 lbs. All are fabricated 12 or 7 gage carbon steel, and are engineered with robust features. For more ...
Wright Self Dumping Box

Wright Self Dumping Box

Series "44" and "99" 3/16" Steel (7 Gauge) Hopper with 1/4" Steel Base
McCullough Industries is a leading supplier of Wright self-dumping containers. This line of robust material handling systems is available in a wide range of sizes. With capacities from 1 to 5 yards, and 4000 to 6000 lbs., we are sure to have the self-dumping box to meet your exact requirements. Each unit features 3” fork openings, overall lengths of either 51” or 69”, and a 45° dump angle.
These products also feature all steel construction, fabricated from 3/16” (7 ga.) sheet steel, and a ¼” carbon steel base. Designed for heavy industrial use, Wright self-dumping containers are on the job performing flawlessly for a wide range of applications and ...

Hopper Accessories

Augmenting our extensive line of hoppers and dumping systems are a number of accessories that add convenience and innovation. Systems requiring casters can be fitted with steel, rubber, plastic, or polyurethane casters that can accommodate up to 4000 lbs. per set. Other space savings options include a stackable feature for all hoppers 1 yard and under. In addition we can also provide hoppers, which include 3-way entry, heavy duty lifting lugs, and 3’ pull chain which allows fork lift operators to unlatch hoppers without leaving the lift truck.
Hoppers feature a durable standard gray painted finish, however, special coating and finished can be applied. Regardless of features and options, all McCullough products utilize heavy steel, welded construction, with customizable features that make them suitable for almost any application. For more information contact us directly.